If the client grows, we grow with them. New opening, Espais3D Cádiz


ESPAIS3D is a multidisciplinary study founded in 2008, formed by creatives and professionals dedicated to the development of integral projects, interior design, lighting, graphic and multimedia design, advertising and merchandising, art ...




icono distribucion

Distribution of Lighting and Electrical Components

We offer a wide range of luminaires, both technical and decorative, as well as all kinds of electrical components for a complete electrical installation.

icono interiorismo

Interior design and decoration

From small renovations to complex projects, our team of decorators and interior designers will provide you with advice to get your ideas to take shape.

icono gestion de proyectos

Integral Gestion of projects

Thanks to our team, we have the ability to manage your projects from concept to completion, advising, adjusting budgets, managing permits …

icono audiovisual

Audiovisual communication

Our artists and designers are prepared to perform any type of graphic / advertising element that you may need, in order to register your business in a professional manner.

icono iluminacion

Lighting technical study

We make a customized lighting design, making the necessary lighting calculations to get the maximum energy efficiency in your lighting projects.

icono arte


Sculpture, painting, lighting art, art matter … Affordable and custom-made works of art … that adapt to your space, providing that distinctive and unique value to your most ambitious projects.


At ESPAIS3D we have the strong conviction that art should be part of each and every one of our projects. For this reason we have in our team several multi-disciplinary artists, prepared to make this piece of exclusive art that will enrich and give life to that special corner. Sculpture, painting, photography, art lighting, art matter ... designed and tailored to fit perfectly in any of your projects.


Graypants / Chrona

Mimicking the phosphorescent envelope found around stars, Chrona lights create a luminous glow by combining spun brass and diffused acrylic. With a variety of configurations in both horizontal and vertical orientations, Dish pendants can be clustered togeth...

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