Microtopping®For interiors and exteriors, no stopping your ideas. An innovative material that renews every surface with just 3 millimetres Microtopping® The Continuous Space of Microtopping® Ideal Work Microtopping® is perfect for those who want a continuous, innovative and tactile surface that can make any space unique, whether it is a minimal modern environment where Ideal [...]

Alive, the process of blown glass

Clarity. Its timeless design is based on the minimum element needed to illuminate, the light source. Its multiple configurations allow to customize and give solutions to different lighting needs. The high-quality shaded glass of the screen offers a silky, diffuse and warm light. Grok, light is life Available at Espais3D Ibiza Barcelona Contact

Luce & Light – Villa Punta Pennata

Brom 3.0 aplique para exterior, monodireccional; en superficie Brom 4.0 aplique para exterior, bidireccional; en superficie (pared) Plin 1.0 bolardo para exterior; en superficie (suelo) Brom 3.0 aplique para exterior, monodireccional; en superficie Brom 4.0 aplique para exterior, bidireccional; en superficie (pared) Brom 1.0 aplique para exterior, monodireccional; en superficie (pared) Spot 2.7 proyector para [...]

Georg Bechter Licht

SPHERE 28 The minimalist and elegant solution for spot lighting. Swivel and of course: suitable for all roofing materials. Colored anodized luminaires add picture on stage, highlight objects and elements of the room or form an island of playful and well-formed light as a group. More information If you wish to contact us to obtain [...]

Graypants / Chrona

Mimicking the phosphorescent envelope found around stars, Chrona lights create a luminous glow by combining spun brass and diffused acrylic. With a variety of configurations in both horizontal and vertical orientations, Dish pendants can be clustered together to make stunning constellations or individually hung to accentuate any space. Thin, yet robust, the debut pendants are [...]

Novedad – Drop / Fluvia

Drops of light fall on different surfaces, creating personalized compositions that define spaces. Drop highlights the detail of the essentials. It is a configurable system, where projectors and structural elements are combined to create luminaires that offer the possibility of accentuating light where necessary, transforming into a constructive element that shares the projected architectural concept. [...]

Santa & Cole – Maija

Maija Ilmari Tapiovaara. 1955 The collection originally designed by Tapiovaara in 1955 now incorporates LED technology, capable of blending functionality and intimacy at the same time, and it has been re-edited in two sizes, with fifteen- or thirty-centimetre diameter discs. With both models, an inner white glass diffuser helps to filter the light. The Maija [...]

Flos / superloon

Superloon Adjustable floor lamp providing direct light. Painted or chrome-plated aluminium body with metal spinning head, die-cast joints and extruded stem. Silk screened PMMA diffuser. Edge Lighting technology light source. Optical switch sensor placed on the stem that provide Warm Tone dimming function. Power cord length 250 cm. Plug-in power supply with interchangeable plugs. Superloon / [...]

POP P06 bi-color

Oty light / POP P06 Ø6,0 + Ø12,0 bi-color Suspension item for interior available in two dimensions with a diameter of 6.0 to 12.0cm, consisting of a top cylinder in painted aluminum, and a lower one in brushed brass and painted transparent. Mesh electrification cable made of brass. Two different types of rosette, on request: [...]

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